hi! im vale, im an extreme elf enthusiast!
im a giga kayn, sona, and aphelios fan
i do art sometimes but dont count on it!

primary interests:
final fantasy xiv
league of legends
world of warcraft

other interests include:
demon slayer, idolmaster,
draken/nier, yakuza, acnh,
and metal gear solid!

dont follow if:

under 18 (90% of the time im SFW, just want adult mutuals!)

youre a fujoshi, fandom mom, terf, swerf, or anti-BLM

youre aro/ace and talk over LGBT people or compare your struggles to LGBT people (idc about other ace discourse)


zexolath @ kael'thas-us
granum @ proudmoore-us

cleissont marcheaux @ ultros
league (na): my champ is gay
discord: vale#2411

ask for switch code!
art is a commission of my oc zex from naxxart!